EcoLiving Events

By: EcoLiving Events

EcoLiving Events is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit corporation that has educated more than 55,000 people on sustainable products, services and initiatives. The organization has provided a bridge between innovators and the public by presenting hands-on workshops, teaching positive environmental and community changes and promoting organizations making Alberta more environmentally and economically sustainable. As the organization enters its second decade, their target is to move beyond education towards hands-on action. This approach to environmental change started with the Winterization Challenge in 2010. EcoLiving teaches volunteers winterization techniques and then the new skilled people help low income seniors by winterizing their homes. EcoLiving is also working with grades 7 – 12 students by offering workshops demonstrating environmentally friendly home options. Students will learn about basic building considerations that reduce their environmental impact, giving them a head start to their positive decision making in the future.