Eco-Leaders Program

By: The City of Calgary

Eco-Leaders, a youth environmental leadership program, aims to encourage innovative approaches to real-life environmental issues. The program invites students to develop eco-literacy and lifelong transferable skills in leadership, innovation, teamwork, and critical thinking. Its goal is to inspire and participate in the development of a generation of individuals who will innovate, champion and steward changes to protect from human-caused damage to the environment, the earth, and the life it sustains. Over 2,800 students from over 30 schools across Calgary have been educated, engaged and supported in creating projects that address the connections between energy consumption, GHGs, air quality, and climate change. Kicking off with a two-day conference, the program offers students the opportunity to participate in a unique skill-building environment with their peers led by City of Calgary staff. Following the conference, groups begin a structured 6-month inquiry-based engagement with a City of Calgary Eco-mentor, working on environmental awareness building, project development, and implementation. Each group presents their project at the annual Mayor’s Environment Expo.

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