Decentralised Energy Canada

In 2001, Alberta’s electricity market fully deregulated. Industry saw an opportunity for Decentralised Energy (DE) to substantially reduce emissions, energy costs and system losses while diversifying Alberta’s economy and creating jobs. In response, a small group of stakeholders established Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) to connect and support businesses in the DE industry and to drive a paradigm shift from a carbon intensive, centralised energy system to a cleaner, more efficient, decentralised energy system. This initiated an industry movement that marked the beginning of Alberta’s transition to a low-carbon energy economy. In 15 years DEC has cultivated an industry cluster of >10,400 businesses, suppliers, and professional service providers. Education initiatives have reached >98% of Alberta homes and >17% of Alberta’s urban municipalities have accessed DEC’s services. DEC’s membership represents over $25.7 billion of revenue with >70% of these businesses based out of Alberta. Project support services have been delivered to >900 projects representing approximately 1,500 MW of DE capacity and an estimated 2 million tonnes of CO2e offsets annually compared with the baseline energy supply mix in Alberta.

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