Creating the Ultimate Environmental Experience

By: Aspen Heights MicroSociety

Through their MicroSociety Program, Aspen Heights Elementary School has been diligently working to provide their students with the Ultimate Science Learning Experience. Their Indoor Science Classroom, in conjunction with their Worm Wranglers business venture, has placed an emphasis on recycling and education for their students. Their Bottle Depot is run by their students (K to 5) and is sponsored by the Alberta Bottle Depot Association. Students also take care of an indoor garden, compost bins (red wiggler worms), as well as a craft enterprise using reuseable items. Their indoor classroom also consists of hydroponics growing stations and aquaponics kits. Each spring, the students experience the benefits of planting and growing vegetables in an urban setting in their Outdoor Classroom. The students, community volunteers and staff designed and constructed a greenhouse made from 1,600 pop bottles.  In the spring of 2016, students will be developing projects for ladybugs, insect hotels and a wall garden.