Bringing Environment into the Classroom: Environmental Law 101 in Alberta High Schools

By: Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) Society

This program aligns environmental law with Alberta’s high school social studies curriculum and the Alberta Government’s Climate Leadership Plan. It helps young Albertans understand and exercise their environmental legal rights and responsibilities as future leaders and responsible stewards of our Province.  Incorporating environmental law into the high school curriculum builds teacher capacity and increases students’ understanding of their responsible citizenship role vis-a-vis environment and climate change issues in Alberta, Canada and globally. Equipped with this deep understanding, teachers and students will be active advocates for change in the Province to ensure that stronger environmental laws in Alberta accurately reflect universal Albertan values of economic prosperity, environmental protection and social justice. These values will be reflected in this proposed curriculum and will be shared with over 150,000 students in high school (grades 7 through 12) and thousands of teachers across Alberta.