Aspen Heights MicroSociety


For the past six years, Aspen Heights MicroSociety (AHM) has embarked on a mission to transform their school and community through environmental Initiatives and projects with the students as the driving force behind their projects.

Aspen Heights Microsociety projects include: exploring their local watershed by raising and releasing of trout in a local pond, developing a recycling program that includes paper; cardboard, batteries, ink cartridges. New this year: Zero-Waste Boxes; establishing a licensed bottle depot that recycled nearly 15,000 containers last year; raising urban chickens which provide eggs for their student breakfast program; evolving their gardening program to include a fully-functioning aquaponics growing system, along with hydroponics kits dispersed throughout the school; forming their Fish and Wildlife Department to raise and release insects into nature; building a functional completely solar-powered greenhouse that will grow produce year round.