Alberta Conservation Association’s Land Management Program

By: Alberta Conservation Association

The Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) is committed to conserving, protecting, and enhancing fish and wildlife populations and their habitats for Albertans to enjoy, value, and use.

Through its Land Management Program, ACA focuses on restoring damaged habitats and safeguarding healthy ones across its 237, 365 acres of conservation sites across Alberta. Conservation Sites are managed for fish and wildlife habitat while offering sustainable recreational opportunities, using strategies designed to maintain and enhance native habitat, and thus sequester and retain carbon. These include:

  • Restoration of over 28, 400 acres of land that has been heavily impacted by agriculture to biodiverse, permanent, ecologically durable cover through planting native trees, shrubs, forbs, and grass species that would occur naturally in the area. (ACA has planted over 650, 000 trees alone since 2007!)
  • Restoration of drained wetlands and riparian areas, totalling over 16, 071 acres.
  • Livestock grazing in Grassland and Parkland regions, using recommended rotations and stocking rates that are ecologically sustainable.
  • Mitigation of potential industrial disturbances that either directly or indirectly impact the long-term objectives of the site. If disturbance is unavoidable, ACA ensures that proper reclamation procedures are identified, documented, and supervised.