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Statoil Understanding Caribou Initiatives

Statoil Canada

Statoil is demonstrating that a healthy environment and economy is attainable by using science to develop methods that can protect caribou in Alberta’s oil sands. Not only is Statoil learning more about Caribou through their innovative methods to conserve their habitat, but they are also sharing their knowledge to help to understand and conserve the environment by understanding caribou.  As one judge stated, “This is really cool work that ...

The Miistakis Institute

The Miistakis Institute not only provides data to decision makers, but also provides comprehensive context and knowledge around important environmental and land development issues.  Miistakis takes academic knowledge and makes it available for practical use in the Alberta environmental field.

Algar Restoration Pilot Project

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)

This project represents a collaboration between six oil sands companies, the province of Alberta and the local forestry industry and is actively restoring important caribou habitat.  COSIA recognizes the importance of maintaining biodiversity while responsibly developing oil sands assets.   One judge said “COSIA has stepped in where there hadn’t been any action before.”

Discovery 5 Net Zero Home

SAIT Polytechnic & Avalon Master Builder

The Discovery 5 custom Net Zero home in Altadore is creating community awareness for green building initiatives and changing Avalon’s view of “business as usual”.

Project Webfoot

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited Canada operates this environmental education program which is currently celebrating its twentieth consecutive year of operation in Alberta and teaches about wetlands conservation, delivering programming for over 100,000 students.