31st Annual Emerald Awards Judges

Each year, the Emerald Awards shortlist and recipients are chosen by a third-party panel of judges. Our judges bring expertise from various sectors across Alberta, making sure that a diverse and informed perspective is brought to each nomination.

Meet our judges who have graciously volunteered their time and expertise in determining the
31st Annual Emerald Awards Shortlist and recipients!

mortimer Capriles

Mortimer Capriles is the Director of Sustainability and Innovation at Goodwill Industries of Alberta since January 2018. His responsibilities include leadership of all sustainability projects, including sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement, he is also responsible for the Goodwill Impact Centres in Edmonton and Calgary.

In his previous role as the Regional Director of Sustainability at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, his responsibilities included leadership of the sustainability program for the four resort properties that form Fairmont’s Canadian Western Mountain Region.

Capriles holds an Executive MBA, a Bachelor’s degree in Geography, a Diploma in Hospitality management, and several postgraduate certificates related to sustainability, environmental planning, and leadership. He also holds the Environmental Professional Certification awarded by Eco Canada and the Global Sustainability Practitioner certification (CSR-P).

Capriles is fully committed to diverting as much as possible from the landfill and increasing awareness in the community about the positive environmental impact of reusing and shopping second hand.


Wendy Coons is a Sustainability Performance Specialist with Cenovus Energy. Wendy has worked within the energy industry in Canada and the financial industry in Australia. Over the past 20 years, Wendy has helped implement software systems and processes to track and report on environmental data, as well as help establish sustainability strategies and programs.  As a Chartered Professional Accountant, her focus is on preparing and presenting ESG data to inform and drive continuous improvement in environmental and social performance within her organization.

Kelsey Dokis-Jansen

Kelsey Dokis-Jansen is Anishinaabe and a PhD student in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. Her research is focused on Indigenous governance, community development, and land-based conservation and research practice. She completed her BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences and MSc in Risk and Community Resilience also at the University of Alberta. Kelsey’s initial post-secondary and professional background was focused on Environmental Technology, working primarily on environmental and cultural assessments on and near First Nations lands in southern Alberta. Her transition to the University of Alberta brought a more fulsome appreciation for the role of research in upholding values of environmentally and socially sustainable land management. Kelsey has always been driven by a desire to see Indigenous peoples as fully engaged partners in the management of land in their territories, bringing together the wisdom of traditional knowledge with the tools of science to understand and care for the land. Kelsey has held numerous positions at the University of Alberta since 2008 giving her a wide range of research, policy, and administrative experience across multiple faculties and administrative units, with a particular focus on community-engaged research and policy development.

Sarah Fulton

Sarah Fulton is a Senior Advisor, Environmental and Social Risk Management at Export Development Canada (EDC). Sarah has been providing advice to the corporate world on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues since 2006, first as an external consultant and most recently as an in house expert. Based in Calgary, Sarah’s experience has focused on the Canadian energy sector. Sarah holds a Master’s degree from Dalhousie University, where her thesis examined greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain of a UK seafood company. Sarah was formerly on the Board of the Bow River Basin Council, and started their Young Professionals Committee.

Bradley peter

Bradley Peter is a professional biologist and the executive director of the Alberta Lake Management Society. Bradley received his BSc in Ecology in 2010 from the University of Alberta. For the past 10 years, he has worked to design, coordinate, and deliver, participatory science programs to support the understanding and management of Alberta’s lakes and watersheds. In 2015, Bradley and the Alberta Lake Management Society team received the Emerald Challenge Award: Water for the LakeWatch program.

Katie Kohlenberg

Katie Kohlenberg (she/her) started in the sustainability industry in 2006 and is currently a project manager for EcoAmmo Sustainable Consulting where she manages sustainable building certifications and facilitates IPD projects. She has been interested in environmentalism since taking a class on the topic at University, this one class helped to shape her career in sustainability. Sustainability is not just Katie’s career choice, it is also a personal passion.

melissa radu


As sustainability manager at Explore Edmonton Melissa manages the long-term sustainability strategies for Explore Edmonton including both the Edmonton Convention Centre and Edmonton EXPO Centre.  Stressing the importance of data and measurement in sustainability, Melissa works closely with these teams to set the benchmarks for year-after-year improvement and works to empower event professionals to collaborate outside of industry boundaries to drive positive change for future generations.

Holding a Masters in Sustainable Regional Development and Tourism, Melissa brings her international experience to the Explore Edmonton sustainability program. While living in Spain, Melissa conducted research on the social unrest that came from over-tourism and gentrification, sustainable tourism strategies, and heritagization projects. Before returning to Edmonton in 2018, she worked in Manchester at a sustainable events firm where she attracted, supported, and provided training to a community of sustainable events associates. Melissa’s main motivation in this work is to help all of us to be more courageous and optimistic about protecting our earth’s natural systems.

Michael Nemeth

Mike is a Senior Advisor, Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability at Nutrien as part of their Corporate Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations team. He supports internal and external efforts to deliver on Nutrien’s sustainability strategy. Mike is the global lead for Nurtien’s water stewardship efforts, with other focus areas of climate, nature, and biodiversity, and the opportunities around system solutions between those portfolios. He is passionate about driving organizational and sector-wide change through collaboration and sustainability initiatives by providing expertise on environmental key issues and macro trends in helping to sustainably feed a rapidly growing population.

In previous roles, he has managed, developed, and supported projects related to sustainable industrial development, natural resource management, water use, and environmental concerns in public and various private sectors including agriculture, oil and gas, oil sands, power production, and forestry.  Mike’s background is in environmental science, sustainable development, hydrology, agriculture, climate change assessment and impacts, risk management, and government and Indigenous relations. Mike received his Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Environmental Science and his Master of Science with a concentration in Hydrology from the University of Lethbridge. 

Mike is a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) in the practice areas of Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Planning and Water Resources Planning and Management and registered as an Environmental Professional (EP) with the ECO Canada Certification Program. He provides decision and policy support for government, municipalities, and various industry sectors through collaborative processes. Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for Inside Education and for Field to Market Canada. Mike has previously served as an Advisory Board Member for the Alliance for Water Stewardship North America, as well as the Board of Directors for the Bow River Basin Council, a member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources Responsible Development Committee, a Planning Member of the Water Policy Group for the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, and the Environment and Natural Resources Committee for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Kathryn Wagner

Kathryn Wagner

Kathryn Wagner is the Program Director for Inside Education, an Alberta-based environmental education charity dedicated to supporting teachers, inspiring students while creating a province of informed stewards of the environment and our natural resources. Kathryn completed a Bachelor of Science in 2003, followed by a Bachelor of Education in 2006. Upon discovering Inside Education and the shared values of developing understanding of key environmental topics using a multiple perspectives approach she knew it was the perfect place to build a career as a self-proclaimed ‘cool aunt of teaching’. With over 15 years of experience working with students, teachers and the social profit sector, Kathryn is an enthusiastic educator that has structured her work around the 4 C’s – creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Monique Dietrich

Monique Dietrich

Monique Dietrich has worked with Alberta’s watershed stewards for the past 15 years in her career with Alberta Environment and Parks. She has supported efforts throughout Alberta with watershed planning and currently by coordinating the Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program. She moved from the Maritimes to attend the University of Calgary where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Master’s of Science in Resources and Environment, specializing in water management. She fell in love with the beauty of Alberta and feels fortunate to love her work too. She especially likes working with the dedicated and hardworking Albertans who develop and implement plans to restore and conserve Alberta’s natural areas.