Emerald Summit 2020

Alberta, beyond its beautiful landscapes and ecosystems, is known for its incredible innovators and champions of environmental protection. These #EcoHeroes have to power to inspire the everyday Albertan to conserve our province’s natural beauty, showcased through our parks and wildlife housed across the province. The Alberta Emerald Foundation and NorQuest College have partnered to inspire the next generation of innovators through the Emerald Summit, taking place on February 27/28, 2020.


The Emerald Summit will welcome Albertans of all ages to Edmonton’s NorQuest College campus to create game-changing environmental solutions in their own communities and lives. Events will include a public networking evening with Emerald Speakers Series presentations, a morning of workshops with industry experts, and EcoPitch – an environmental pitch competition similar to the likes of Dragon’s Den. Thanks to funding from grants and sponsorships, the Emerald Summit will be accessible for all to attend with the majority of events being free of charge. The Emerald Summit will be an annual event, this being our inaugural year. Through this gathering, we hope to embolden attendees to become stewards for the environment, encouraging others to follow their example in creating a more sustainable future.


We are currently seeking Emerald Summit 2020 sponsors! Please check out our sponsorship package and contact Interim Executive Director Gregory Caswell for more information.