Emerald Educational Engagement Program

Connected to the Emerald Documentary Series, the Emerald Educational Engagement Program (EEEP) invites young people from across the province to binge-watch the videos. Upon completing the viewing of all of the videos and participating in conversations guided by our study guides, the groups will have the opportunity to pitch an inspired environmental project. Successful parties will receive a $750 grant to bring their project to life.

The grant will be distributed in two parts, $500 in advance upon acceptance of the project, and $250 upon receipt of their final report to cover any remaining costs. The groups will have three months to complete their project from their acceptance date, after which their final report will become due. The recipients will also be provided with a certificate celebrating their participation in the program.

The AEF strives to distribute 30 grants through EEEP every year. The program opens in October and runs until June, or until all grants are distributed.

Stay tuned! This program will launch In October 2019.
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