About The Emeralds

Alberta is home to leaders and innovators, each demonstrating a unique approach to environmental stewardship.

The Emerald Awards showcase those who raise the bar in addressing local, regional, and global environmental & climate issues. In doing so, a standard of excellence is set that inspires others in their own practices.

About the Emeralds

  • Each year from November until February, the Alberta Emerald Foundation receives Emerald Award nominations in 15 established categories.
  • A panel of knowledgeable judges with cross-sectoral experience carry out an independent evaluation based on established criteria to select the shortlist and recipients.
  • The Emeralds’ celebration of excellence across all sectors make them unique not only in Alberta, but also in Canada.
  • By showcasing the ingenuity, dedication and hard work of our recipients and finalists, others will follow; the innovative will become the norm, resulting in a healthier and cleaner environment.

Emerald award recipients receive:

  • A certificate and Emerald Awards recipient logo to commemorate their achievement.
  • Profile of their work through the Sharing Stories Communications Strategy, which includes the Emerald Documentary Series, What On EARTH Can We Do? podcast, and Emerald Speakers Series.
  • A feature on our website.
  • A $2,000 grant to support the continuation of their environmental work, or to donate to an environmental charity of their choice.

our shortlist receives:

  • A certificate and Emerald Awards finalist logo to commemorate their achievement.
  • A feature on our website.